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Cool A/C Restrooms in Satsuma, ALabama

Sometimes a basic portable toilet unit just isn’t enough or isn’t the right fit for an event. If you need to provide a more sophisticated vibe for your event, an a/c restroom trailer is a great option, with private stalls, flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors and lights.

Private Stalls

One of the main benefits to renting a restroom trailer is that more than one person can use the trailer at one time, thanks to private stalls being set up, while still maintaining a more formal feel and aesthetic. Whilst it’s true that you could just rent more units and still opt for portable toilets rather than a restroom trailer, for something like an outdoor wedding a restroom trailer is going to create a better atmosphere.

Flushing Toilets

Standard portable toilets don’t usually have an actual plumbing system, but rather have a holding container under the seat where waste is deposited. Restroom trailers, however, have a plumbing system much more similar to a home restroom. Between this and exhaust systems, restroom trailers often have odor-reduction as well.

Flushing Toilet


Similar to the idea of having a plumbing system for flushing toilets, restroom trailers also feature sinks where guests can wash their hands rather than relying on hand sanitizer.


Typically, standard portable toilets are a small plastic room. Because they often aim for a minimalist approach, they don’t generally contain mirrors. Restroom trailers, however, do offer mirrors where guests can adjust their appearance as needed.


Navigating a portable toilet at night can be difficult, however, using an a/c restroom trailer not only allows you access to electricity for climate control, but it also means that the interior is well lit. This makes it easy to see where you’re going.

Sometimes your standard portable toilet fits your needs perfectly; however, there are also many benefits to opting for an a/c restroom trailer. Reach out to A&M Portables Inc. for more information on making the best choice for your event.