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4 Reasons to Consider ADA-Approved Portable Toilets for Your Event

Portable Toilets
When planning an event of any size, you should put some consideration into the bathroom needs of the disabled. Even if you have a normal bathroom for people to use, having one specifically for those with disabilities can still help your event go smoothly. Here are just a few reasons you should add an ADA-approved portable toilet to your event.

1. You Need to Accommodate All Your Guests

A good event is an event that offers a positive experience to everyone. The toilet situation at your event can easily turn into a negative experience for someone who can't find a usable or convenient toilet.
A lack of accessibility can paint you or your business in a bad light. Lack of accommodating facilities can look like discrimination, which is why the ADA regulates accessibility.

2. The Law May Require an ADA-Approved Portable Toilet

The Americans with Disabilities Act created many regulations to improve conditions for those with disabilities. Portable toilets fall under several of these regulations. Individual states can also have regulations for portable toilet accessibility. Typically, only larger events have to think about legal concerns when it comes to choosing portable toilets and accessibility requirements.
At the federal level, you would need at least one of twenty portable toilets to have ADA approval. However, you should generally consider an ADA-approved portable toilet as one of every five or ten portable toilet units you use.
You should still consider an ADA-approved portable toilet even if you have a bathroom on the premises already. The restrooms at your event may not have full accessibility features. If you're not sure, ask a local portable toilet service about any regulations you need to adhere to considering the size of your event.

3. You Will Create Good Will for Yourself or Business

No matter the nature of your event, building in accessibility shows you or your business care. Accessibility means:
  • You care about the people attending your event, and people in general.
  • You care about the additional guests your attendees may bring.
  • You strive to stay inclusive and accommodating.
  • You want people to remain comfortable and at ease.
These things also show you have an understanding of what people with disabilities need. For example, an ADA-approved portable toilet is not the same as a typical wheelchair-accessible portable toilet. All ADA-approved toilets come with wheelchair accessibility, but not all wheelchair-accessible toilets are ADA-compliant.
The difference between wheelchair accessibility and ADA accessibility is an important distinction. Your guests might appreciate your effort in making sure you choose the right level of accessibility for their needs.
Understand the ADA covers all disabilities, not just disabilities that affect mobility. Your accessible portable toilet isn't just for guests in wheelchairs; it's for guests with other disabilities as well.

4. You Will Also Accommodate Other Special Needs

An ADA-approved portable toilet can accommodate people with special needs unrelated to disabilities. For example, a senior citizen may appreciate the larger space and safety features provided by an ADA-approved toilet.
People at your event with a younger child may appreciate the extra space provided as well. Some of your guests may need assistance. Having a space that can accommodate them and the person assisting them can mean a lot.
A single ADA-approved portable toilet can make a large and positive difference for your event. When looking for portable toilets, make sure to choose a company that proudly offers ADA-approved options.
A&M Portables Inc. offers portable solutions of all types, including ADA-accessible portable toilets. To learn more about what portable toilet options will work best for your event, contact us today and speak with a member of our team.


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