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5 Reasons a Construction Business Needs Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet At Construction
When you run a construction company, portable toilets are more than a mere convenience; they're must-have pieces of equipment. Portable toilets provide your crew members with a safe and sanitary way to relieve themselves while they're on the job. Here are five additional benefits you'll receive from the addition of portable toilets on your construction sites.

1. Keeps Clients Happy

Whether your plans include the construction of an entire home or a smaller renovation project, you need to have at least one portable toilet on the premises. Without a portable toilet on the premises, your workers may be forced to use your clients' private bathroom facilities, which can be intrusive. Most clients don't want to have their privacy invaded by construction workers throughout the day.
If your workers opt to go elsewhere to find bathroom facilities, your clients may be put off when they see workers come and go during the workday. An on-site portable toilet will help keep your clients happy.

2. Reduces Employee Stress

If you don't have at least one portable toilet on your construction site, your crew members won't have their minds on their work. Instead, they'll focus on their need for immediate relief. Without proper bathroom facilities, your crew will be under undue stress, which could lead to an increased risk of work-related injuries. The availability of portable toilets reduces employee stress and creates a better work environment for everyone.
3. Improves Worksite Sanitation
When your construction crew needs to use the bathroom and a portable toilet isn't available, your crew may relieve themselves in a hidden corner of the property. Public urination leads to several unfavorable outcomes.
Health Risks
Public urination poses a serious sanitation risk for your employees. Public urination also contaminates the property for your clients. Not only that, but if your crew members are sick, they spread the germs into the soil, which can cause others to get sick as well.
Pest Infestations
When your crew members urinate out in the open, the odor encourages pest activity, which means your clients will end up with a pest infestation once the project is completed.
Disgruntled Neighbors
If your crew members urinate out in the open, you may end up with disgruntled neighbors. Those neighbors may file a police report or provide less-than-favorable recommendations for your construction company.

4. Ensures Compliance With Laws

When you run a construction company, you need to concern yourself with all the laws, including OSHA regulations. OSHA regulations require that all construction sites have portable toilets available for use, especially where sewer services are not available. If you have 20 or fewer crew members on a construction site, you're required to have at least one portable toilet. The portable toilet should also be well-ventilated and provide adequate lighting.

5. Provides Money-Saving Advantages

When you look for ways to cut construction costs and speed up the construction schedule, portable toilets might not come to your mind. Portable toilets provide quite a few money-saving advantages for construction sites, though.
When you have a portable toilet available for your crew members to use, they won't need to leave the site to look for facilities. That means your crew will spend more time on the job and less time on the road in search of a bathroom.
If you own a construction company, you need to think about bathroom facilities, especially on your construction sites. When you're ready to begin another project, contact us at A&M Portables Inc. We'll get you set up with everything you'll need to provide your construction crew with the proper bathroom facilities they'll need while on the job.


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