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Durable Holding Tanks in Satsuma, ALabama

Maybe you don’t need to rent an entire portable bathroom unit, but rather are in need of the waste holding tank in particular. Whether you need this option for your boat, RV or truck, A&M Portables Inc. has options for you.

Holding Tanks for Boats

On boats, the holding tank is a vital part of the vessels plumbing system, allowing for the storage of waste on the go without polluting oceans or other water sources with human waste and sewage.

Even though emptying bio-waste into large bodies of water may not seem like it would be a large issue, it can infect the water with pathogens or cause over-enrichment to the shores of the affected area. This is why waste holding tanks on boats are a necessity.

Holding Tanks for RVs

RVs usually have a few different holding tanks for clean water as well, but it’s important that the holding tank that contains waste is sealed, so that the water is kept in it and doesn’t drain away leaving you with a mess. There are certain chemicals that are often sold for black tanks, and RV waste holding tanks are no exception.

These chemicals are meant to help control the smell and break down solids. However, because of these chemicals and because of the health risks associated with human waste, it’s important to make sure that you only empty your RVs holding tank at a designated area.


Holding Tanks for Trucks

Because truckers spend so much time on the road, they developed sleeper cabs, and although they are rare, some trucks also have built-in showers and bathrooms. Since trucks already contribute to noise, air, and water pollution, it’s important for truckers to have and maintain their waste holding tanks if they have a model of truck that has a bathroom built into it. This allows them to have a more positive impact on the environment.

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